Mziya's Love Story with Red Lands Roses


Mziya poses with Rhodos, one of Red Lands Roses premium red roses

As you know, I am a former doctor, pediatrician and many years ago there was a tragedy in my family, after which I had to change my activity in order to survive. It was the 90s in Russia. Terrible years. By chance I came to flowers. I am a capricious person, my parents taught me to choose one thing, but the good, the best. This applies to everything – clothes, food and whatever it is. And therefore, in the process of work, I was looking for the best flowers.

And at this time I found Kenyan roses at Alexey Zubkov, who was the first to bring flowers to Moscow from Kenya.

Among the numerous boxes in Alexey's warehouse, I looked at the boxes that I saw and was attracted by the design and quality of the boxes. Then I opened the boxes and there were the flowers neatly, beautifully, magically arranged bunch by bunch. And from that moment I had chemistry with the Red Lands Roses plantation. It was love at first sight.

I asked Alexey who grew the flowers and he answered me - "one French woman, her name is Isabelle, she is very strict and her roses are expensive" and I answered him "can you order all her flowers just for me? Let it be expensive, but only for me."

Then he asked, "Why do you want these particular roses? See how many different plantations!"

And I told him "No, I only need Red Lands Roses, these are the real roses"

This is how our joint history with the Red Lands Roses plantation began.

In Russia, these flowers were poorly understood. Here there were only roses from Ecuador and it took me a lot of effort to accustom Russian buyers to this explosion of roses. To get them to understand that these were completely different roses, magical and bewitching. Since I work in the Rijsky market, which is the most important flower market not only in Moscow, but also in Russia, now all florists in Russia are talking about the Red Lands Roses plantation as the number 1 plantation in the world.

In my opinion, this rose grower is unrivaled worldwide.

Then we met Isabelle. I admire and adore this beautiful woman with her intelligence, erudition and flair for the future in flowers.

For so many years of working with Red Lands Roses, I have formed a certain group of my own retail buyers and florists. Mzia and Red Lands are one for them. They cannot imagine Mzia without Red Lands, and Red Lands without Mzia.

When my customers say thank you to me for the flowers, I always answer that I am just an intermediary, but they all answer that they are infected with love for these roses.

I now work with the most important distributor in Russia now - Golden Flowers - with its excellent manager and a good team, who love and respect Red Lands Roses for many years.