The role of the head of stores will involve planning, receiving, storing, stacking, reviewing, and managing internal distribution processes of the organization’s input products and other capital items.




The head of stores will be responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring economic order quantities through implementing an inventory tracking system for optimized inventory control procedures;
  • Examining the levels of raw materials and supplies to determine shortages and avoid overstocking;
  • Documenting daily deliveries and requisitions on a real-time basis to ensure updated system stock levels at any one time;
  • Creating detailed reports for adjustments, inventory operations and stock levels for approval by the CFO;
  • Evaluating new inventory items, ensuring they are ready to be received by the system, and ready to be issued to the farm though timely new code creation request;
  • Coordinating with the purchase manager to ensure efficient deliveries from supplies;
  • Analyzing various suppliers and giving feedback to the CFO on the level of service received;
  • Training new stores employees.


  • A degree in Business Administration and supply chain management, B-Com, Mathematics and or any other related course where topics ranging from logistics to productivity are covered;
  • A certification course in inventory Management (IM) will also be desirable;
  • 3-4 Years of experience preferably in the farming, factory/processing, FMCG or construction industries;
  • Experience with imports and ability to interpolate import documents
  • A strong record-keeping and organizational skills ;
  • Strong effective communication and feedback skills ;
  • Leadership skills for managing stores teams, resolving conflicts and keeping employees on task and motivated;
  • Critical-thinking skills to establish action plans and routinely assess their effectiveness;
  • Organizational skills to manage multiple moving pieces, people and orders;
  • Problem-solving skills to anticipate problems before they happen and handle them appropriately when they do;
  • Smart with good planning, organization and implementation skills

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