Red Lands Roses collaborates with numerous clients, logistics partners and breeders spread all around the planet.

Since crossing over to the international markets, Red Lands Roses has created a big mark with their unique high quality roses. These roses have been attracting buyers from all over the world and Red Lands Roses has stumped its authority as the leading fresh flower producer from Africa.

The unique flowers produced by Red Lands have seen many clients cross the seas to see these beautiful varieties. Red Lands Roses sees the visit of their international clients all through the year who visit the green houses and are mesmerized by the 100% hydroponic farming carried out at at the farm.

Because charity begins at home, a portion of the quality Red Lands Roses are sold locally at their shop at Craft Market Sidewalk Located along Gigiri Lane behind the US Embassy. This way, the Red Lands Roses flowers are enjoyed the world over, including in Kenya.

Here is a summary of our partners in the various categories.

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Our Clients

Country Company Name Client's Name Email Contact
  China 24 Hua CO. LTD. Lou Nan [email protected]
  Hong Kong Agnes B Fleurs Nicole Chan [email protected]
  France Avenir Frederick Sassi [email protected]
  France Axel Import - Floressence Jean Alain Maillot [email protected]
  France Bergamotte Romain Raffard [email protected]
  China Cathay Bloom International Trade CO. Sarah Zhang [email protected]
  Ukraine Dao Flowers Mrs Elena www.daoflowers.com
  Sweden Detulp Mikael Jonsson [email protected]
  South Africa Elfi B Yes Exclusive Flowers Sylvia [email protected]
  Israel Enigma Santiago Giraldo [email protected]
  Ukraine Exotic Flora Lyah Aleksandr [email protected]
  France Fleur Assistance Maxime Francois [email protected]
  Italy Flexin Fabio Baggio [email protected] / [email protected]
  Colombia Floresol Anna Dukova [email protected]
  Latvia Flower Market Gints Kruminsh [email protected] / [email protected]
  Italy Flowers Express Stefano Ospite [email protected] / [email protected]
  China Foshan Putuanmao Trade CO. LTD. Iris Cai [email protected]
  Nigeria Gethsemane Jemima Sawari [email protected]
  Russia (Moscow) Golden Flowers Rehim Kerimli [email protected] / [email protected]
  Russia (Outside Moscow) Greendeal Ltd Lena Faiman [email protected]
  China GuangZhou Cheng Jie Trade CO. LTD. Alejandra Garcia [email protected]
  China Guangzhou Xin Wang Trade CO. LTD. Elay Lau [email protected]
  Taiwan Hortilife Sophia Chen [email protected]
  Greece In Flower Land Konstantinos Goritsas [email protected] / [email protected]
  UK J Van Vliet London LTD. Jo Newham [email protected]
  United States of America J Van Vliet New York LLC. Elizabeth Lauriello [email protected]
  Singapore Kampong Flowers Bob Chong [email protected]
  Kazakhstan Kanat Kanat Baltabaev [email protected] / [email protected]
  Albania Lucky Flowers Tim Redo [email protected]
  Russia (Outside Moscow) Milele Flowers Almaz Ganiev [email protected]
  Thailand Penlert De Fleur Payungsak Kiatruangkit [email protected]
  Russia (Outside Moscow) Phoenix Flowers Natalia Smirnova [email protected]
  Australia Profresh Janki Shah Janki Shah
  Egypt White Orchid Walid Nabil [email protected]
  Japan YMS Yoko Sakamoto [email protected] / [email protected]


KUENHE NAGEL Paul Kitheka [email protected] +25470985300
FLORA TIMES LIMITED Anita Kimaku [email protected] +254721660600
GARDEN FREIGHT LOGISTICS Riyas Mohammed [email protected] +254739531705
BOLLORE Auni Bhaji [email protected] +254733601277
PANALPINA AIRFLO LTD Wilhelmus Van Der Sanden [email protected] +254206608000
TOTAL TOUCH Karel Swings [email protected] +254206822164


Viking Roses
Odie Farms
United Selection
Dümen Orange
Plantas Continental
De Ruiter

Local Market

Would you like to purchase our flowers in Kenya? Our shop at the Craft Market Sidewalk Located along Gigiri Lane behind US Embassy is open 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday) and offers most of the Red Lands Roses flowers. All proceeds go to our Day Care Center for children.

For your special orders visit the shop or call Ann, one of our dedicated shop keepers on 0720 330 587. She will tell you about our roses and which varieties to choose for which occasion. She will also give you information about each variety such as the breeder, its vase life, colour, scent and most of all how to handle your bouquet at home to make sure it lasts over a week!


Penlert Testimonial

We love to work with Red Lands Roses because their roses are beautiful, unique and of high quality. We never get any complains about their roses. We really appreciate their professionalism.

Payungsak, Penlert De Fleur.

We love Red Lands Roses for the impeccable quality and the service they provide with every shipment. Business relations with Red Lands Roses give you something beyond simple routine.

Almaz Ganiev, Milele Flowers.

Almaz Testimonials

Australian Q.I.

We appreciate your effort to achieve zero insect tolerance in your flowers.

Hiten Shah - Australian Quarantine Inspection