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Once bunched, our roses are packed in cold room using completely recyclable boxes, without glue, or staple. We offer 2 types of boxes adapted to clients needs and size of flowers: Jumbo Box and Zim box.
Boxes temperature remains below 5°C. Recording and controlling of flower box temperature, throughout the air transport, from our cold room to the final destination, is done using temperature data loggers. Results are then sent to our clients and shipping agents for control purposes. Documents generated by Red Lands Roses clearly indicate the number of stems, price, weight and volume weight of each box.

Contrary to what people usually think, roses produced in Kenya produce less greenhouse gas than a "local" production.
See the report by Dr Adrian Williams, Cranfield University (United Kingdom), Comparative Study of Cut Roses for the British Market Produced in Kenya and the Netherlands, 12 February 2007, and http://www.fcrn.org.uk/sites/default/files/Cut_roses_for_the_British_market.pdf. See also the declaration of the National Taskforce on Horticulture of Kenya, on Carbon Footprints, in the weekly The African Executive, Nairobi, No. 129, 10-17 October 2007.

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