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redlandroses-grading-bunching.jpgQuality at Red Lands Roses starts in our high tech greenhouses with computerized climate management and feeding system.

Roses are harvested three times per day to ensure optimum quality and cut stage of each stem. They are immediately pre-cooled once cut and put in disinfected cold water for six hours. Cut stage three (rather open) is our standard cut stage.

Each single stem is intensively analyzed in terms of different parameters such as opening stage and bud size, shape, colour, size,strength and straightness of the stem. After sorting, the stems are bunched uniformly according to the grades. Red Lands Roses offers three export grades:
• Export extra grade (code 1) which is a perfect flower
• Export first grade (code 2) which is a very good flower


This advanced quality control procedure allows Red Lands Roses to ensure standard and consistent quality throughout the year, suitable to the market specification of each client.

Regular quality checks are carried out by independent flower experts in Holland, France and Japan who receive samples of flowers to check the quality standards in terms of sorting, damages, bunching, boxing etc. to guarantee our clients the best quality product. In addition, an efficient traceability system is in place. Every single bunch is given a number and monitored through the harvest and postharvest chain using an exclusive system of bar coding. This system has been developed in house by our IT team and consultant. This allows to trace each stem to its respective greenhouse origin and when it was harvested, and to identify the buncher who has prepared the flowers.
A label is attached to each bunch to brand our roses and ensure you buy a genuine Red Lands Roses flower.

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