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The farm provides work for over 500 women and men, all professionals in various trades such as irrigation, pest and disease biological control, harvesting, grading, quality control, but also plumbing, electricity, mechanics as well as IT specialists, sales managers and administrators. Isabelle and Aldric Spindler are running it as a high tech family business.

A nice example of team management : The Kipapu Award

Each month in Red Lands Roses, we have the Monthly Kikapu Awards.
It is a ceremony during which the best employees are rewarded, Production manager makes a speech, reminding the marks of every Green House. Then a choreography is made and finally prize are given: rice, to sugar, flour, etc... To enclose this event, ladies go around the farm with the flag of the best Green House, which is then put in front of the Best Performing Green House.
This is a collective reward system based on several parameters such as number of stems produced against the budget, percentage of stems produced with 60 cm length and above, percentage of stems produced which are of extra grade quality, crop protection cost against the budget.
For September 2015 , the winner was Green House Hotel


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