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Company Shop Stewards


Red Lands Roses is a member of the Agricultural Employers Association and its unionisable workers are members of the Kenya Plantation and Agricultural Workers Union (KPAWU). KPAWU is a trade union which represents 200,000 agriculture sector workers (2005 estimate) in Kenya, including tea, fishing, sisal, coffee, and flower workers. The KPAWU was established in 1963 under Trade Disputes Act (Currently Labour Institutions Act, 2007) when several unions were amalgamated. Its head office is in Nakuru, a regional centre. The KPAWU is affiliated to the Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU).


The KPAWU is engaged with a number of labour issues. Some of its work is focused on the elimination of child labour in Kenya's agricultural sector. Where plantation owners are seeking Fair Trade certification for their produce, the KPAWU plays a role in the implementation of international labour standards required under the Fair Trade rules.


Red Lands Roses has a long history of cordial cooperation with KPAWU. We have a total of 22 shop stewards with one representing each section. They have the responsibility of training their colleagues during the weekly 30 minutes provided by Red Lands Roses on Labour related issues, basing on the guidelines of the Labour Laws (2007) and the Flower Growers Collective Bargaining agreement (CBA). The representatives are also in the disciplinary committee. The committee has received immense training from both the Company and KPAWU to have them remain at par with the changes in the law.

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