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Red Lands Roses was established in 1996 in Ruiru, 35km Northeast of Nairobi, Kenya. The altitude of 1800m and the proximity to the equator are ideal conditions for the cultivation of roses. We specialize in growing and exporting T-Hybrid and spray roses of the highest quality in a range of over 100 varieties.


Our roses are grown in 28 hectares of greenhouses on a 100% hydroponic system with full recycling of water, preventing rejects of phosphates and nitrates in ground water. The substrate is volcanic material which is dug out from close to the farm, washed and sterilized. Red Lands Roses is internationally recognized for its green horticulture that respects people and the environment. « Green » labels have been awarded by several organisations such as FLO-Max Havelaar (Fair Trade Labelling Organisations International), MPS-A (Highest grade for environment care), KFC (Kenya Flower Council, Silver grade), FFP (Fair Flowers Fair Plants, label for the efficiency of the tracking system), GLOBAL-GAP (Good Agricultural Practice). These organisations perform audits regularly and Red Lands Roses keeps implementing the best practices for a better world.


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