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“Karibuni to our day care centre!” Pauline, the Day-care centre Chief Nurse and Manager, opens the door of the playing room where babies drop their toys to stare at the visitors. The children have been brought to the centre early in the morning, and will be picked up after the employees from Red Lands Roses finish work. Several nannies are changing and installing the youngest ones in cribs for a nap while the oldest ones are being taught the alphabet in the school room. Outside are drying the clothes provided by the centre. Meanwhile, some are looked after in the nursery: some need special treatment for HIV, provided by the centre.

Five years ago, Gitothua day care centre was built at the initiative of our FLO - Max Havelaard Joint Body, a workers organization from Red Lands Roses who allot part of the profits from roses sold under Max Havelaar label. The German Development bank significantly contributed too through its Private Public Partnership grant to Red Lands Roses Ltd to build the day care centre and the wetland with a 200,000 EUR donation. About 6 months ago the DCC was again extended with two new baby rooms and an office, thank to the donation of one of our great clients Mr. Jean-Alian Maillot of Axel Fleurs in Reunion Island.

The centre can acomodate upto 70 children from 3 months to 3 years old. Most of them are Red Lands Roses employees’ babies, but a few come from the poorest families of the community around and are accommodated for free. 15 employees take care of the children: nannies, head nurse and gardener. The Day Care Center organizes itself to be financially independent thanks to roses sold by the Muthaiga shop, vegetables and fruits from their own garden, water from their well. But what they need at most are clothes and toys. Knowing their child in good hands while they are working is a great relief for employed mothers, especially the single ones. The concerned employees contribute for only 700 KSh per month (7€), which represents 10% of the real cost. Joining ethics to economics, private companies play nowadays a relevant role in sustainable development by understanding their employees’ needs.

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